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Gayatri is a member of the Rama Self-Help Group in Dhanpatganj block, Sultanpur district. She holds the important position of secretary in the SHG. She believes that investing in different livelihood opportunities is important if one has to fight the vicious cycle of poverty. In 2015, she received Rs. 40,000 through the Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission Community Investment Fund and invested this money in a donga-making machine. She subsequently repaid this money successfully. She then took Rs. 3,000 to invest in agricultural activities. Gayatri has been trained in agriculture and has learned the characteristics of different seeds, which has helped her to grow seeds in her own farm. She can also explain and train others on the method that should be employed to grow seeds.

Gayatri has also been making her own compost through the 18-day Compost Method (Shivansh); she is of the opinion that this is very important for agricultural land. She also bought good quality seeds through her SHG. Gayatri says that women’s empowerment is only possible when we explore livelihood opportunities and understand the intricacies of agriculture, thereby becoming successful farmers.

Gayatri, Sultanpur