Our Mission

Reaching the Last Mile


silent revolution of women is underway in Uttar Pradesh and it is our intention to continue building momentum to bring the remaining 10 million poor households under the fold of RGMVP by 2016.

Poverty Alleviation

To reduce poverty of two million+ poor households in Uttar Pradesh

Social Capital

To nurture 200,000+ SHGs across 400+ of the most underdeveloped blocks

Livelihood Enhancement

To ensure every poor household engages in 2-3 income-generating activities

Sustainable Agriculture

To improve incomes of small and marginal farmers through innovation

Health & Nutrition

To reduce infant and maternal mortality and improve health and community sanitation


To improve children’s education with a special focus on improving the condition of girls

Women Leadership

To increase women’s participation in local governance and improve decision-making

Today, over 2 million households have been mobilised across 49 of the most underdeveloped districts in Uttar Pradesh. This accounts for two-thirds of the poorest of the poor areas, including complete coverage of the Bundelkhand region, which is ranked the most impoverished in the state.

Uttar Pradesh Coverage

Poorest of the Poor

Bundelkhand Districts