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Weaving Empowerment: Kiran’s Story

Weaving Empowerment: Kiran’s Story

Kiran is a member of the Lakshi Young Women’s Self-Help Group in Bhola ka purwa, Raebareli district. She is all of 18 years old but displays tremendous leadership qualities and passion for taking charge of her own life and future. Until a few years ago, Kiran thought that being married off at an early age was inevitable and that she would depend on her husband for the rest of her life.

Kiran joined the YWSHG in 2016 and realized that she can use her skill to stand on her own two feet. Through her YWSHG, she learned about the Usha Silai School initiative and immediately decided to enroll. Gradually, she accepted the challenging responsibility of opening her own Silai School in January 2018, displaying her inbuilt entrepreneurial qualities. She invested in two sewing machines and enrolled 15 young girls and a few women from her own village as students, charging Rs. 100 per month as fees.

She was driven to open her own school by the desire to innovate as well as to challenge gender norms, breaking barriers and carving a path for several other young girls and women. The school is an affordable and accessible alternative within the village itself and therefore has swiftly garnered the interest of girls and women around her. Kiran has become a role model for her friends and girls in her village. She plans to expand the initiative and hopes to enroll more girls, encouraging and empowering them to be the drivers of their own futures, just as she has been.

Kiran, Rae Bareli