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SHAMA: Recovering from Misery and Abuse to Achieve Prosperity and Respect

SHAMA: Recovering from Misery and Abuse to Achieve Prosperity and Respect

Shama barely had time to recover from the tragic deaths of her father and brother when her in-laws, who deemed her inauspicious, kicked her out of her house. She was forced to flee with her six children without shelter and resources, living like a pariah of Uttar Pradesh.

She was approached by a Community Resource Person while living in a cowshed with an absent, abusive and unsupportive husband. Not until he moved away did she seize the opportunity to join the SHG and begin participating in internal lending and explore new ways of income generation. This later afforded her the ability to acquire goats and even ensure a water connection.

When her husband returned after several months, he was suspicious of Shama’s character and questioned how she could happen upon so much fortune in such a little amount of time. She took time to explain the processes and he eventually came to respect and admire her committed efforts.

Finally connected to resources, Shama was able to receive a BPL card to receive various benefits. She also underwent training to become spread RGMVP’s messages and encourage other to learn and study, despite not being a literate herself. She believes that her greatest achievement has not just been in material terms but the respect and the acknowledgement that she has received from her community.

Dhanpatganj, Sultanpur